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Lei day

Lei Day began in 1928. It is celebrated state wide  with parades, coronation courts, flowers woven into colorful garland lei's, beautiful dances and the sounds of Hawaiian music. Lei Day is the holiday honoring the spirit of Aloha. And another chance to wear these pretty dresses!   A Lei is given to show friendship, appreciation and respect.   They bestow blessing and  honor.    We have a beautiful variety of dresses  perfect for this lei day!

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Hi there! We are starting a seris of blogs that will be focused on the individual stories of the local artisans we work with at a.ell!  First on the list, we'd like to introduce Caitlin Ross Odom. She has been working with a.ell since we opened in 2009!  She is an amazing jeweler who makes all of her pieces by hand using shells and sea glass found on sandy beaches! Caitlin started collecting her first sunrise shells and sea glass pieces on the beautiful beaches of Kauai, in 2000. She found these gorgeous shells to have a very high vibration and tended to bring lots of joy to her customers. Each sunrise shell is unique, having its own scallop and color. These...

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Spring sundresses, must have leggings and still making masks......

  The sun came out in Portland and I feel inspired!   I have discovered that putting on a sundress, even though I am just wearing it in the house and to the backyard, it really lifts my mood.  Anyone else find that getting dressed nicely and taking care of yourself helps boost the quarantine blues?             Here are three dresses I think you will love, a new one Ijust made, and 2 that are now on sale.                                       Lets be honest, 99% of the time I am still reaching for my bamboo leggings.  Have you invested in a pair of these yet?  I...

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