Spring sundresses, must have leggings and still making masks......

  The sun came out in Portland and I feel inspired! 

 I have discovered that putting on a sundress, even though I am just wearing it in the house and to the backyard, it really lifts my mood.  Anyone else find that getting dressed nicely and taking care of yourself helps boost the quarantine blues?  

          Here are three dresses I think you will love, a new one Ijust made, and 2 that are now on sale.  

                 Country summer dress         Retro sun dress         Prairie sundress

 Lets be honest, 99% of the time I am still reaching for my bamboo leggings.  Have you invested in a pair of these yet?  I swear you will not be dissapointed.  The bamboo fiber is so incredibly soft, the fit is divine (waist fit is natural, not too high, not too low) and the quality superb (if I do say so myself;)  We have a few black in stock still, a luxuriously soft cotton, camo coral on sale, and a gorgeous smokey teal blue fabric I am ready to make custom for you. 

         Black bamboo legging      bamboo leggings

Last but not least, I am still making masks daily.  I am excited to let you know I have added a donate option.  Order masks to be donated to a group in Kauai called the Massive Masks for Kauai (MM4K)  - a grass roots campaign sending masks to those in need, and I will match your order.  So if you order 3 masks for MM4K, I will send them 6!

     cotton face mask

I am sincerely, and overwhelmingly grateful to those of you that have been placing orders over this last month, more than ever.  It feels like you are reaching out and giving me a virtual hug.  I hope that when you receive your items that you feel that love and support reciprocated. 
Be well, be safe, be calm and take care of yourselves my dear friends.  

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