Hi there! We are starting a seris of blogs that will be focused on the individual stories of the local artisans we work with at a.ell! 
First on the list, we'd like to introduce Caitlin Ross Odom. She has been working with a.ell since we opened in 2009!  She is an amazing jeweler who makes all of her pieces by hand using shells and sea glass found on sandy beaches!
Caitlin started collecting her first sunrise shells and sea glass pieces on the beautiful beaches of Kauai, in 2000. She found these gorgeous shells to have a very high vibration and tended to bring lots of joy to her customers.
Each sunrise shell is unique, having its own scallop and color. These shells are only found in Hawaii and come in a variety of colors, ranging from albino, to olive to yellow to a super bright red. Sunrise shells are considered a gemstone in Hawaii and you will see just about every resident of the islands accessorized with a sunrise shell at some point.  
Each piece of sea glass has its own special and unique shape, which Caitlin does not alter while creating her pieces of art. 
Every piece of COR jewelry is handmade, including the metal which she hand forges herself!
Caitlin and the a.ell team would like to personally thank everyone who has supported her throughout her long journey! She hopes that her jewelry, inspired by the sun and and sea, brings you as much joy and love as it brings her. Hopefully it will connect us all little more to nature and all its beautiful creations!
This is just a sneak peak of all the spectacular jewels Caitlin makes!
You can check out more of COR's awesomeness here!

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