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Hi there! We are starting a seris of blogs that will be focused on the individual stories of the local artisans we work with at a.ell!  First on the list, we'd like to introduce Caitlin Ross Odom. She has been working with a.ell since we opened in 2009!  She is an amazing jeweler who makes all of her pieces by hand using shells and sea glass found on sandy beaches! Caitlin started collecting her first sunrise shells and sea glass pieces on the beautiful beaches of Kauai, in 2000. She found these gorgeous shells to have a very high vibration and tended to bring lots of joy to her customers. Each sunrise shell is unique, having its own scallop and color. These...

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A Little Something Special for You

Hello! During the Covid times, rituals and celebrations have the opportunity to be more vivid and intimate than usual .  They break us out of quarantine routine, waken our creativity , and remind us of who and what we love in life.  I invite you to make this upcoming Valentines' Day a magical retreat from the quarantine grind and the winter blues - whether a solo day of pleasure and reflection, a playful day making heart shaped cookies, or a sensuous celebration with a partner.  We could all use a little something special these days!  For this season of loving, whether if for yourself, your best pal, your partner or child I put together a sumptuous collection of spa gift packs to help you...

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