A Little Something Special for You

Hello! During the Covid times, rituals and celebrations have the opportunity to be more vivid and intimate than usual .  They break us out of quarantine routine, waken our creativity , and remind us of who and what we love in life. 

I invite you to make this upcoming Valentines' Day a magical retreat from the quarantine grind and the winter blues - whether a solo day of pleasure and reflection, a playful day making heart shaped cookies, or a sensuous celebration with a partner.  We could all use a little something special these days! 
For this season of loving, whether if for yourself, your best pal, your partner or child I put together a sumptuous collection of spa gift packs to help you celebrate.  
 Something special for you   Extra love gift pack   Self love gift


Loving Gift pack items include your choice of eye pillow, mini candle, journal & hand made soap
Deluxe Gift pack items include your choice of eye pillow, deluxe journal, X large jar candle, & hand made soap
Choices include the following:
You’re something special -  choose 2 of the loving gifts 
You matter to me - choose 3 of the loving gifts
You are amazing - choose 3 of the deluxe gifts  
A whole lot of extra love - choose all 4 of the deluxe gifts
And because we think an amazingly soft piece of lingerie would be an excellent addition we are offering 10% any piece of lingerie or jewelry you choose to add to your self care gift pack! Offer valid through Feb 10
      eco lingerie         


Happy Valentines Day!

*Discount will be automatic in your cart. All items are assorted colors, scent and only the best will be chosen for you.   

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