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2018 Spring Collection

Introducing a.ell design's 2018 Spring Collection!  This collection combines romantic silhouettes with island-inspired prints to create a unique ready to wear line. As always, we chose eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton that are great for your body, and our earth! Each piece in this collection was thoughtfully created in our Portland atelier.  View new collection here!

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Hot Summer Days and FREE Shipping!!

  Hot days of summer are here!  We have you covered with everything you need from sundresses, to sun hats, bikinis, shimmer oil, and so much more.   Order now and receive FREE shipping through August 6, use code SUMMER Happy shopping, friends! ~ the a.ell atelier team

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Indie Ella Show at a.ell atelier ~ Portland!

Indie Ella has become a staple at a.ell atelier, basically because you all love it so much!  So we have put this special night together to celebrate the artist, Jayna Lamb and her company, Indie Ella.  Jayna lives in Portland and just a month or so after we opened up shop on Hawthorne she arrived with a suitcase of samples stating that she thought we may make a good fit. I freaked out.  Yep, I knew we would make a good team.  I absolutely loved the silk prints, the sustainability aspect, the uniqueness of each piece and the fact she was a designer in my community. I knew these lightweight pieces would be perfect for our Kauai climate and gorgeous...

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