Big Changes!

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Big changes!  

If you know me, you know I love change - and the last 6 months have been huge! 

I closed the Portland store at the end of September.  As the term of my lease came to an end and my creative mojo diminished, I realized I had spread myself too thin and was tired of juggling all that was required of me. Though I absolutely love the artists, customers and the team I work with in Portland, I realized my value is no longer based on how much I can accomplish - rather what I WANT to accomplish.   

I reconnected with the dream that started this whole endeavor.  I love to design clothing. I want to have the time to focus and the creative space to do that.  I want to be more involved with my baby, the Kauai shop, the gorgeous and supported shop that allowed me to go off and live my wildest dreams.

 Eco stocking So 6 weeks later …  I am re-energized and have jumped back in!   I have moved my studio into my home in Portland and I have been creating so many new pieces! Each week I have sent a box to Kauai with bamboo dresses, eco tops, and all things sustainable.  This week I had a blast going through old vintage fabrics and scraps and made unique Christmas Stockings. Next week, I am going to sort through my bamboo scraps and make undies for women and men!  I can’t tell you how many requests I have received over the years for bamboo underthings.

Poncho in the forest  


 Working at home feels like such a gift. My creativity is thriving as my stress level drops. I love that my animals are with me all day, and I cherish moments like this when I sit in my favorite Portland bakery (Lauretta Jeans), with plenty of time to write to you.

I hope you will visit our Kauai shop and/or go online as we add some of the new items to our web shop.  You can find the a.ell line in clothing stores throughout Portland and beyond: Salty TeaCup, Amelia’s, Union Rose, Secessions Art & Design (SF), Semi Aquatic (Brookings) and expect more to come!


One of the best ways to keep up is to follow us on Instagram ( instagram/aellatelier ) where we post daily what is new and happening.  

Thank YOU for your interest and support in a.ell design & atelier.  It truly is a gift to be a maker supported by you.


Angelique Ell

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