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Eco loving at a.ell atelier

Most of our customers know that a.ell’s soul purpose is focused on the well being of our planet. Eco friendly clothing is where we started, and we continue to grow from. Although the following of our bamboo, hemp, soy, and organic cotton products is large, there are also a lot of you out there that may not know our reasoning. Yes, we love nature, and being outdoors. But those are not our only reasons for using Eco fibers. We believe that the way we treat our earth parallels the way we treat ourselves. Our body is a temple, as is the planet that we live on. One company or one customer alone cannot save the earth on their own, but...

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Malacologie "the study of shells"

When I asked Anuenue Washburn what the name of her jewelry line Malacologie means, she answered, “It’s the study of shells.” It seems entirely appropriate, considering she spent her childhood diving for the treasures off the shores of Waianae on O’ahu, and continues to here on Kaua’i. Anuenue started Malacologie over a year ago, after years of playing around and giving pieces away as gifts to friends and family. She combines her found sunrise shells with other colorful gems and stones to create original pieces of art, including earrings and necklaces. Malacologie jewelry has become a favorite in a.ell atelier.  Each of her pieces are entirely unique as well as gorgeous!  Please visit either of our stores to pick out a stunning...

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Oregon Artist Spencer Reynolds

Spencer Reynolds’ artwork has been in a. ell atelier since its doors opened. Spencer is not only a long time comrade of Angelique’s but also a talented artist. He was one of the first participants at First Saturday Kapa’a, which at the time was a quiet, grassroots effort started by Angelique, and now, three years later, has blossomed into a thriving, creative enterprise for the community. Spencer’s creations can always be found at the shop in Kapa’a. I caught up with Spencer a few days ago for an interview. How do you know Angelique? I’ve known Angie since 1989 when her family moved to the Oregon Coast. I was friends with her brothers from hanging out at the beach. Since she had her license and we didn’t, from time to time she would give us rides...

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