Reusable bees wax food wraps!

Are you tired of spending money on non reusable packaging every month? So are we! Does it make you feel guilty that you are going to use it once then throw away? Us too. So we’ve found the solution. Meli wraps offer a sustainable, tasteful, and ingenious way to contain and preserve your food.


The first time I ever saw a Meli Wrap being used was by a good friend. She had a little wooden bowl with fruit inside and a wrap on top. I thought, “How cute! But what is that?” And so it turned out that her aunty Melia and friend Nicole actually make the wraps, using organic beeswax, tree resin, plant oils and organic cotton. Not too long after that I started to see them popping up in stores, boutiques, and galleries. Here at a.ell atelier we offer packeges including a variation of size small, medium, and large for your everyday needs and purposes. Also available in our portland store, we carry Meli wraps that are made in Bend, Oregon.


While shopping local and supporting our community, you won’t  have to buy and put to waste plastic wrap and baggies ever again! You just mold, fold, shape, and eat! Rinse with cool water, let air dry and repeat (for up  to one year.)
Made with aloha, Melia has a similar mission to us at the atelier - to take care of our bodies, our families, and our planet.

-With much love, Cambria Miles

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