We are super excited to introduce BED|STÜ leather shoes and bags!

BED|STÜ is a family-operated business for over 24 years, creating unique leather handbags, wallets, and shoes, inspired by the rugged and resilient streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, NY.  Each product is ethically handcrafted using materials from nature, such as water based glues, plant based dyes and natural tannins from tree bark and leaves. They use biodegradable material because they are better for us and our planet. They choose free range natural leather and old school construction methods creating unique pieces with slight variations - no two pieces are alike: there is always beauty in imperfections. 

leather fanny pack


BED|STÜ’s philosophy is to create sustainable products that are made to last. They believe in the art of shoemaking and its craftsmanship. They defy the idea of mass production, which is why each piece is unique and represents the diversity of those who create it. The soul and heartbeat ofBED|STÜ is the human component of hand tooling, weaving and finishing. 

black leather sandal  

BED|STÜ’s story just keeps getting better! They teamed up with the UPS Carbon Neutral Program. (Carbon neutral is the process of reducing carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by an equivalent amount through a specific activity, such as offsetting) They are also planting trees, thus balancing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment.

leather clutch, wallet, crossbody

You’ll feel good about making a BED|STÜ purchase with a.ell atelier. In addition to owning a gorgeous piece of their work, you are shopping small and supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly product. Our favorite combination!

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