Northshore Candle Company

Northshore Candle Company makes quality soy wax candles on the N. Shore of Oahu. Not only do these candles smell wonderful, the glass jars are repurposed wine bottles!  3 things we stand for - beauty, quality and sustainability.   After burning the candles the container is made to be reusable as well, just simply wash it and you have a new container. They are made with natural flower and fruit plant based essential oils, that are specially blended by the founder. All components of the candles are crafted in the USA. The scents of the candles are reminiscent of the many unique scents of Hawaii and will brighten every room!

Also available in a travel tin, and a small mason jar with lid.  

We carry these 3 styles in both our Portland and Kauai stores and the 8 oz travel tin is available on our website, with only $5 shipping!


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