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Hello Friends!  I have been wanting to share some of the things I have been enjoying these quarantine days.  These activities are keeping me feeling engaged, alive, at peace, and inspired.  I hope they will bring something positive to you as well.     

Nature I am fortunate to live near a park, complete with trees, hills, trails and natural beauty!  I found a secret spot that I sit in for hours  I can see no people, no signs of people and rarely hear a passer by, there is such peace in this place  

Yoga in Portland For my inner peace and sanity, my favorite yoga studio, Unfold Yoga Portland is offering many of their yoga classes online!  I love this unique studio.  If you were lucky enough to experience those precious practices with Patricia Howard in Kauai then I think you will love this welcoming group.  

For a little social time - Movie club night - This is turning out to be so much fun!  Currently there are 4 of us, someone picks a movie, we watch it on our own time, then zoom in together every Saturday night and discuss.  Last week, we decided to cook the same meal while we were discussing the film. We start off with the movie, and between that and cooking and eating a meal 'together' the conversation starts to resemble the 'old days' of hanging out in the same room.  We end up talking about so much more, but the movie is a great beacon and has been a wonderful way to see these films from other perspectives.  I really look forward to Saturday nights now!
which brings me to our last movie.....

     Live in the trees

Jane Goodall: The Hope - Oh my gosh we all loved this documentary deeply.  We all cried, we were all surprised at parts, we all ended feeling a little hopeful.  I was left with the feeling that I want to step up my 'eco living' and pay a little bit more attention to my actions and how they affect the future.  You can watch this for FREE on Hulu for 1 more week. 

While I am sewing I love to listen to podcasts.  A favorite that I hope you know about is Tim Ferris. He has a way of approaching topics in a different way.  I often feel inspired, hopeful, intrigued and impressed while listening to his guests.   Last week I listened to his interview with - Jane Goodall, which is what inspired me to watch the film.  Another great one is with Esther Perel (the renowned psychotherapist).  They discussed the challenges of being in a relationship, while being at home together, all day, every day, for what is feeling like an eternity .......  Actually, I think this is the interview where I was first introduced to the movie club idea.

What have you found is bringing you peace, joy and a positive outlook? I really would love to hear what you are looking forward to in your new routines.  
Walk on the beach

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Be well, be safe, be calm, be love 

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