The Perfect little bamboo dress made by a.ell design

  The perfect dress - made by a.ell design - by Mo’orea Luna

bamboo beach dress

 Angelique Ell owner of a.ell design & atelier has created many unique designs, all made with organic materials including bamboo, cotton, and hemp. Amongst all of her designs my favorite is the fashionable and versatile twist & wrap dress. Initially made as a bridesmaid dress, I enjoyed wearing it casually on a beach walk as a strapless dress.




  It was a rather hot day, like most days here on Kauai. I even remember telling Rebecca, island bamboo dress
our photographer of the day, that I hoped it would cool down because I had obligated myself to a hike later that day. Fortunately this dress wasn’t hard to work with in the sun at all given the fact I chose to wear it strapless and the bamboo fabric is super soft and lightweight.

With an unlimited amount of ways to wear this dress; I felt like essentially I was getting Hawaii floral wrap dressmore than just one dress. If you’re anything like me you’ll find that one thing you love be it a dress, jewelry or favorite pair of jeans and then wear it a million and one times. However this dress let me cheat the system a bit, with many different ways to wear it I will never be an outfit repeater again.

I recommend this dress for many occasions including for travel, as a bridesmaid, for an evening date, or relaxing walk on the beach, this is certain to be a piece you will wear again and again.  

Contact us to make this versatile dress perfect for you in your choice of color and length.  

-Mo’orea Luna

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