Gaia Lip Butter
Gaia Lip Butter

Gaia Lip Butter

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These buttery balms work wonders for softening and moisturizing dry smoochers. This eco friendly silky balm is loaded with nutrients from organic non-GMO plant-based ingredients, pure essential oils, and local sustainable Hawaiian beeswax.

What can can heal one thing, can also help moisturize other parts of your body (cuticles, under eyes, tattoos, scars, and other chapped spots that could use a little extra TLC)!


organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil
organic raw shea butter
Hawaiian Beeswax
argan oil

wild orange peel oil +vanilla bean extract
pure lavender + peppermint essential oil

Crafted in a 1/2 oz. aluminum tin, please recycle 

leaping bunny program certified cruelty-free