Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

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Herbal Creations for Body, Heart & Soul

This blend is formulated to help strengthen and nourish the female body. Rich in calcium and high in iron it has a light and pleasant taste and helps regulate hormones, support and tone the uterus, aid digestion and delivers overall balanced support for female energy. Great for pregnant women.
This warming blend is great in the morning. Supports healthy circulation, tones the heart muscles, preps the body for the day, is both grounding and stimulating in action, regulates blood pressure, aids digestive issues and is an anti inflammatory. High in vitamin C and beneficial for the skin and eyes.
Tastes sweet with hints of spicy.

This isn’t your average chai! Formulated with nourishing herbs that help maintain and support natural vitality. It builds strength and creativity while helping to balance the nervous system. 
It’s caffeine free so it’s suitable for children and those who are sensitive.

By far my favorite blend! It tastes divine! With flavors of earl gray, rose and vanilla, you can’t really go wrong. This blend is grounding and relaxing, helps with depression, headaches, anxiety, irritability,immune support and self love