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spencer reynolds
Spencer Reynolds’ artwork has been in a. ell atelier since its doors opened. Spencer is not only a long time comrade of Angelique’s but also a talented artist. He was one of the first participants at First Saturday Kapa’a, which at the time was a quiet, grassroots effort started by Angelique, and now, three years later, has blossomed into a thriving, creative enterprise for the community. Spencer’s creations can always be found at the shop in Kapa’a. I caught up with Spencer a few days ago for an interview.

How do you know Angelique?

I’ve known Angie since 1989 when her family moved to the Oregon Coast. I was friends with her brothers from hanging out at the beach. Since she had her license and we didn’t, from time to time she would give us rides to the beach. There were speed bumps down at the beach, and she would floor it to absorb the bumps doing 30 in a 15. I thought that was cool. I have a lot of stories, because I’ve hung out with her a lot over the years. Angie and I have been friends for a very long time. She feels like a sister to me now.

What is the relationship between the ocean and your art?

SR: The Ocean has been a part of my life since my beginnings. Its influence can be felt in everything I create, be it representational or abstract. When other kids were playing school sports, I was at the beach. The wetsuits were horrible, and the Oregon Coast was frigid, but I still wanted to be there. That’s true to this day. I love and respect the ocean and our beaches immensely.beach art

What projects are you working on right now?

SR: I have a summer full of art events. I’m working on all the odds and ends that will give me a fun presence at these places. As for art, I’ve been busy creating a lot of new pieces. My ocean- inspired pieces have gone through a lot of change, and I’m excited to unveil some of my new directions. I’ve also been making some succulent paintings. I’m really fascinated with them at the moment. I also just finished a small mural project for a local pub.

ocean art by spencer reynoldsWhat are the rewarding and challenging aspects of being an artist; of continually creating?

SR: It’s really rewarding to explore my creativity and be able to make some sort of a living at it. I seem to have loyal fans that will follow me in my weird directions, which is great. Inspiration is never a challenge with me; I find too many things inspiring. I usually have to put blinders on so that I can focus. The people who like my art also seem to tolerate my lack of desire to promote myself, and they like my art because they like my art. I’m not very known, but still I survive as an artist. The biggest challenge for me is marketing. I’m always amazed at artists that do this with ease. I’m slightly socially awkward; I’m kind of robotic in public.

How was it being part of one of the first art nights in Kapa’a back in 2009?

SR:I feel really honored that I was able to participate in it at the very beginning. It’s great to see how much it’s grown. I hope it’s not too long before I can return again. I love Kauai and hope to make it back there once every couple years.

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