Malacologie "the study of shells"

anuenue beachWhen I asked Anuenue Washburn what the name of her jewelry line Malacologie means, she answered, “It’s the study of shells.” It seems entirely appropriate, considering she spent her childhood diving for the treasures off the shores of Waianae on O’ahu, and continues to here on Kaua’i.

Anuenue started Malacologie over a year ago, after years of playing around and giving pieces away as gifts to friends and family. She combines her found sunrise shells with other colorful gems and stones to create original pieces of art, including earrings and necklaces.sunrise shell earring

Malacologie jewelry has become a favorite in a.ell atelier.  Each of her pieces are entirely unique as well as gorgeous!  Please visit either of our stores to pick out a stunning piece just for your self.

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