How to Empower Women by What You Buy!

a. ell atelier promises to partner with designers who are eco-friendly conscious in their practices as well as make beautiful one of a kind pieces available to you in our Kauai and Portland boutiques online and in-store.
This month we honor Jayna, owner and founder of Indie Ella. She is one of the forerunners in empowering women in India to gain skills and living wages by recreating and up-cycling preworn, 100% silk saris in the most safe, sustainable, and clean working environments. Indian women through lineages have been immersed in a rich culture full of beauty and colors, but also have been exploited and oppressed. Jayna in the past 2 decades has spent her life uplifting the living standards of these artisan women by giving them a sense of empowerment, strength, and independence. Many of them have the opportunity to afford education of even start their own successful businesses. 

When you purchase a one of a kind Indie Ella garment or furniture you make an impact in the betterment of women and children of India and protect the sustainable life cycle of making products without harsh chemicals and synthetics. AND last but not lease... You will feel gorgeous wearing an Indie Ella piece. 

Shop for your beautiful piece of Indie Ella clothing and home furniture in both our Kauai and Portland boutiques!
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