How to Bring Out Your Inner Van Gogh!

3 simple things to do to bring out your inner Van Gogh 

1. Morning pages -  3 minutes of stream of consciousness writing in a journal helps to clear your mind and has been proven to jumpstart your artistic desires.

2. Drink lots of water - Research shows that drinking lots of water can not only release bodily toxins since it is  necessary for a healthy digestive system but also help to release blocks from feeling our inner spark of joy to create your own artistic expression.

3. Own a piece of beauty and art -  in your home to remind you that anything and everything is possible. Creativity knows no limits, you just need conducive examples to let those artistic juices flow. We are proud ta have long time favorite artist Emily Miller at our A ELL Atelier in Portland and Kauai. She won the Best Kauai Artist Award among other celebrated accolades. Timeless ocean-inspired watercolor masterpieces as well as original works of pottery made available to you!


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