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Covid masks I started cutting out masks today, and I can't believe the relief that instantly came over me!  It's a combination of being creative and -hopefully- helpful.  After a week of being slightly paralyzed and uncertain what to do, I am now obsessed.  I foresee being up all night sewing. ( I haven't been able to sleep anyways.)  I will be sending these to hospitals and anyone that asks for them!! Please let me make a mask for your and your friends.  Maybe hand them out to your grocery store heroes?  

Now let me be clear, these are not medical grade. These have been approved as a barrier for civilians and patients entering the hospital, in order to save the N 95 masks for the medical workers. 

I am offering these on line on a "pay as you can" basis. At the moment I have lots of 100% cotton, which is what they are recommending these be made from.  My lifelong fabric collecting and hoarding is finally paying off!   I am already out of 1/4" elastic and I'm currently making these with ties. If you lost your job due to this pandemic, please choose $1, which pays for the shipping.  If you can afford to, consider a little more.  I will need to replenish my supplies as these sell out. I lost all my income (I closed my store March 15), so I am unable to purchase more supplies and am just using what I have in my studio.  


 If you place an order for anything on my website over $15 I will send you a free mask, just tell me you want one!

relaxing eye pillow

I suggest a lavender eye pillow?  Lavender is well-known to reduce anxiety and aid in sleeping.  Pair that with the weight of the flax seed placed over your eyes and I anticipate at least a slight drop in your heart rate.   Give it a try, justs click photo to purchase yours now and receive a free face mask!

With love and aloha, Be safe, Be well, Be calm, Be healthy,



Angelique Ell

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