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Most of our customers know that a.ell’s soul purpose is focused on the well being of our planet. Eco friendly clothing is where we started, and we continue to grow from. Although the following of our bamboo, hemp, soy, and organic cotton products is large, there are also a lot of you out there that may not know our reasoning. Yes, we love nature, and being outdoors. But those are not our only reasons for using Eco fibers. We believe that the way we treat our earth parallels the way we treat ourselves. Our body is a temple, as is the planet that we live on. One company or one customer alone cannot save the earth on their own, but as a group that loves where we live, we can do our part to support a sustainable and earth loving life.succulents

There are many ways to decrease our footprint, along with shopping for Eco products. Asking for paper instead of plastic at checkout is great, but carrying a reusable bag while you are out and about is even better! Yes, paper will biodegrade and you can reuse it for gift wrap, and carrying an entire bag around can be a hassle. But what is a little extra effort, when you can’t breathe because there are no trees to supply oxygen? Four billion trees are cut down wold wide every year for  paper, and that is only 35% of the trees that are harvested. We are cutting down forests faster than we plant them. They say that our country was built on wood, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t over using it. So save a tree, bring a bag!

There are always the obvious, but important actions we can take to minimize our mark. Remember to recycle everything possible, walk or ride your bike to work, compost, use less and smile! A happy planet is a healthy place to live. Shopping local may not seem like one of the most important variables, but IT IS. Supporting local artists, designers and businesses helps a community thrive. Keeping the money in your area makes for a nicer healthier community to live in.  As well as decreasing the length of travel a product must take helps in minimizing the footprint.  Lets face it money talks and in this society we vote with our money and where we spend it.hanalei bay kauai

We appreciate your continued support in this sustainable path we have taken.  Let’s do what we can to contribute to a beautiful and healthy earth, together!

Much love to you all,


Emily Martin

a.ell atelier

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