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Aloha, My name is Noah Fugett. I have been a part of the a.ell atelier & design team for about a year now, and I am so excited to share with all of you the interview I had with Hollis Church (owner of Church oils). We carry her line of essential oils in our store, and wanted to give a little insight to everyone on how incredible this project really is.

a.ell design : Hollis, why did you decide to get into essential oils?

Hollis : Well, its sort of a mystery. One day I got a massage and the massage therapist gave me a glass of water with lemon essential oil in it. And it was SO goood. SO I started doing my research and realized the vast world of essential oils. After lots of research I couldn’t understand why the oils actually worked. This really drove me into my project. Essential oils are really trending right now, and I want to use the trend to get people to notice the real benefits they can get out of my oils. So much time and research has gone into this project- it’s the real deal.

a.ell design:  Is there anything you want to make sure people know about Church Oils?

Hollis: I want people to know HOW to use the oils, and want them to know these are well thought out blends that can and will help you when used properly.      (for more info on using these oils visit

essential oils and fiddle

a.ell design: do you use the oils yourself?

Hollis: OHHHHH yeah. We are a well oiled family.

a.ell design: Which oil is your favorite or has helped you the most?

Hollis: Physically? Heads Up. I’m a really headachey person and I have done mass amounts of research for that oil specifically and it continues to help me. As for a general day to day use, I love Master Class or Be Here Now.

a.ell design : Where do you see this project going in the next couple years?

Hollis: Well I would love to get more people buying and using them to start off!  I would also love to make these oils more user friendly to amplify the effects. A lot of people use the oils one time, or improperly and give up because they do not see results. When really, if they used the oils the way they are meant to be used, the results and healing properties are going to be life changing.

essential oil in papaya tree

Noah: Personally, my favorite oil happens to be the Be Here Now oil. It is specifically for staying focused throughout the day and keeping a mental clarity and awareness all day long. As a student and someone who works all the time, Be Here Now is exactly the boost I need to get through my daily craziness. Wakey Wakey is also an INCREDIBLE oil. It is great for waking up your body and giving it a blast of energy when you hit that afternoon slump. Essential Oils have so many useful properties that we have not even scratched the surface of. Do your body and mind a favor and come in and invest in some church oils!

Church oils are made in Kauai and available in a.ell atelier in Portland and Kauai or order online through a.ell atelier.


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