Artist Alert!!!! Hawaii’s Most Coveted Gem and Jewelry Collection by Caitlin Ross-Odom.

Caitlin Ross-Odom is Hawaii's most loved benchmark silver-smithed sunrise shell and sea glass jeweler since 1998. Her island style company COR DESIGN started with a lifelong obsession for  finding the rare treasured sunrise shell and vintage sea glass. The sunrise shells are typically found only at depths from around 10 to 30 feet where she and other collectors must dive for them.

                                             Sunrise Shell Bangle

Kauai Sunrise Shells are the most beautiful sight to behold. Each one has unique splashes of yellow, red, orange, green, and purple shades, similar to what you would see during an actual Hawaiian sunrise. The scallops, known as Langford’s Pectens are even more valuable when they have hints of green, gray and blue. These shells of the same species are called Moonrise due to their even less common, darker appearance. This wide range of color variation is based on different factors like at what ocean depths the creatures lived and what foods they ate. Legends say that they were only worn and possessed by the Hawaiian Royalty, the ali’i and that the shell brings good luck and happiness to its owner.

Now you can look like royalty in your very own Sunrise Shell jewelry!

A ELL ATELIER is very proud in making the COR DESIGN collection available to locals and visitors for over 10 years and continues to be the hub of supporting the most adored local island artists. 

It's not too late to buy your Mother's Day gift!
You can find these beautiful pieces

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