Are you getting hitched and need the most beautiful wedding dress?

Celebrity-loved designer, Ema Savahl's Bridal Dresses are the most unique…Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez love them dearly. Each original masterpiece is handmade and intricately hand-painted using a top secret paint that molds and accentuates the bride-to-be's contour in 20 minutes. Considered works of art, these dresses are also known to be super comfortable and a favorite among our most loved clients who wear the Ema Savahi Bridal Dress all around the world. Their beauty and uniqueness is sure to be the perfect fit for your special day!

Made in the USA, packs easy, no dry clean, travels well and hand washable and always available at A ELL Atelier. No appointment needed just come on in to our Kauai or Portland Boutique and/or enjoy them out on our site.


You can find these beautiful pieces here!

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