Apples and a BOGO Sale!

Hellloooo!!!!!!  Oh lordy what a whirlwind since last time I’ve checked in with you all.  How are you? There is so much to chat about, so many new experiences in  our lives, I don’t know where to start.  
Picking apples in my poncho    
Perhaps I will start with today's plan which is to pick the remaining Granny Smith apples off the tree and pull out my new food dehydrator!  Apple tree you ask?  Yes my partner and I moved to the S. Oregon Coast in June.  We found the best spot deep in the redwoods which came with fruit trees, gardens already started and bordering a forest in which we can forage and explore as far as our legs will take us.  As you can see I have found myself full circle - back to my childhood in which we lived off the land, growing, harvesting and preserving anything we could eat and get our hands on. It's where I started my love for sustainable living and a great appreciation for nature's gifts.  This is also when I learned the art of sewing.  First starting with creating little outfits for my pets and soon I was creating those quirky 80’s styles for myself.  Anyway back to the apples…..
Earlier this year we harvested sweet juicy red apples off one tree and made gallons of apple juice.  The Granny Smith tree gave us 20 gallons of fruit that we turned into the most delicious hard apple cider!  After coring and squeezing the juice we were left with tons of apple fiber that I froze and have been using in my dogs food, no food waste!!  After the local bear has taken his pick we still have about 25 apples hanging on the tree.  I loathe letting any food go to waste so today I will dry the remaining apples.  
Bamboo leggings and dolman tee 
How does this relate to a.ell design?  Well since I have found myself at home most of the time, I have made great use out wearing my very own eco lounge wear clothing.  Everyday I pull on the most comfortable ever bamboo undies, a pair of silky soft  leggings and an oversize sweater.  Since it looks like we have a couple more months of staying in I wanted to give you the chance to pick out some things you have been wanting too!  I have really enjoyed making your clothes in my downstairs studio. I am not stocking the stores as usual, so making one of a kind pieces for you has been a real god send!  Thank you for the opportunity to continue creating and thank you for your support this year!   
Please use this coupon joyin2021 and  buy 3 get 1 free gift good on everything I make!  Find all the a.ell hand made items in the a.ell design collection here.  
 super soft bamboo undies   
As the bamboo undies have been the best selling item in the past few months I highly recommend you get yourself a few right now ;)  Whatever you choose, I can't wait to make it for you!
*This offer only good on a.ell design products and Includes home, accessories, mens and womens pieces.  Free items will be the lesser value. Prior purchases do not apply. Offer good through Jan 21, 2021

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